The egg donation process

We are actively seeking inspired and empowered women ages 19-33 years old to donate their eggs for patients in need.

Take the first step to changing someone's life

Be sure to read our eligibility requirements and then complete our brief online application. One of our care team members will be in touch within 48 hours.

if you meet eligibility requirements, or if you qualify to continue, your care team representative will send you a longer more in-depth application that will include a detailed medical history questionnaire.

A care team member will ask you some questions about your current and previous mental health.

Meet with our Specialized Donor Team

During your appointment your donor team will review all of your medical information. They may also take some bloodwork and perform an ultrasound.

Ovarian Stimulation

Once you begin ovarian stimulation, injectable hormones are taken for approximately 10-14 days. These medications stimulate your ovaries to produce more oocytes (eggs) for retrieval.

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes to perform and is performed under IV sedation.

All of our fertility specialists at Colorado Egg Donation are
board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists

Join the thousands of anonymous egg donors who have selflessly helped build families.